Your little bit, our big change.

Working together to amplify our impact.

Give a Little Bit

Our Purpose

Little Bit aims to help consumers easily integrate sustainable decisions into their lives. Alone, small changes can seem meaningless. Added together, they can drive remarkable results.

Why Now?

The desire for change exists

Most consumers want to be sustainable, but are unsure how. A recent survey indicated that while 65% of respondents want to buy from sustainable brands, only 26% actually do. Little Bit aims to address this gap between consumer desire and behavior.


You can make a difference

Americans consume more per capita than any other nation in the world. It would take 4.4 earths to sustain us if everyone lived like Americans. You have the power to change the path for future generations. Now is the time to make a difference

We are more powerful together

Transformational change takes time. Little Bit will help consumers find easy ways to make incremental changes in their lives. Individual changes compound over time and can drive great impact. As a community, our changes combine to make an exponential difference.

Our Plan

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Plant the seed

Little Bit will begin by educating consumers that want to act more sustainably. We will launch a one-stop-shop website offering information on sustainable practices and products to help individuals find their “little bit.”

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Take root

Little Bit will expand our website's capabilities and focus on building a strong online community. Little Bit ambassadors will focus on local, community-specific solutions.

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In the long-term, Little Bit aims to have a lasting impact on the consumer goods industry. We are working to create a sustainability index that can be used to label products for quick, point-of-sale decision making.



Partnered with Missouri S&T

 Established a partnership with Missouri University of Science & Technology and will fund a fellowship to support renewable energy research.

Established a board

Recruited five board members of diverse backgrounds and experience to guide decision-making.

Incorporated in the state of Missouri

 Became an incorporated LLC in the state of Missouri.

Received non-profit status

Approved as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Our Founders

Molly Laegeler

As an engineer in the energy sector, Molly understands the challenges the world faces. As a mother, she also understands the power of working together to make the world a little bit better.

Sharon Peterson

Sharon was lured from retirement to invest a little bit of her time to make a difference, hoping it will spread. As an amateur birder, Sharon is happiest when working from her RV, binoculars close at hand.

Elizabeth Humbert

Elizabeth has a background in geology and informal science education. She teaches others understanding, appreciation, and stewardship for the world around us.

Mary Puleo

Mary's day job is helping heavy industries become more sustainable. As an avid hiker, she wants to do everything she can to preserve the beauty of our Earth.